A message about materialism

Before going to bed last night, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I realised that my routine was becoming too much of a routine, to the point that I wasn’t trying anything new anymore. So, I promised myself that from then on, I would wake up excited for each day and the new obstacles or adventures it may hold.

The next morning (ready for the first exciting day of the exciting new me) I sat in mushed avocado, smashed my laptop and dropped my phone down the toilet. It is clear to say that I faced more obstacles today than adventures!

At first I was devastated at the loss of my two most expensive possessions. This was especially because it wasn’t me who broke the laptop (it was someone in a lower year who ran off without even apologising). However, after the initial anger, I realised that these are material things. I might not have a fully working laptop or phone, but atleast I have my health.

I am a STRONG believer in everything happening for a reason. Lately I’ve been feeling the strain of technology, and noticing its negative effects in myself. For example, after failing my driving test, seeing a photo of someone else’s pass certificate was not helpful.

At all.

Instead of thinking of today’s events as a disaster, I want to think of it as the universe sending me a message (the hard way), and teaching me that I do not need my electronic devices in order to be happy. In fact, i’m excited to start living a life where I am not a puppet to social media, and to break the strings it has hanging over my head.

Materialism is an easy trap to fall into. Having nice things is great, but only temporarily. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the way you approach life and nurture your relationships.

So yes, maybe I will face more obstacles than adventures at times. But will this knock me down? No. The key thing to remember is;

It is not what life throws at you that defines you; it is the way in which you deal with these things.